Fly with Gravity

Go one big leap further than just witness a flight display,
join the exclusive community of Jet Suit pilots.

The Experience

Whatever your background, join us at our Flight Facility at the World-renowned Goodwood Estate, located just 90 minutes outside London. In a safe, controlled and progressive manner become part of an elite group in the world who have truly experienced what it means to fly.

Learning to fly a Jet Suit is a truly amazing experience. It’s something you ‘feel’, and ‘learn-by-doing’ akin to learning to ski or surf, but much quicker and done safely on one of our Training Rigs. See on Instagram @TakeOnGravity

Whether you want to experience the early training stages, or advance towards commissioning and even racing your own £340,000 Jet Suit as some have done, the training progression is the same as for our own Team Pilots.

You will join the exclusive Gravity Flight Club once you complete Flight Training. Gravity Flight Club is a group of like-minded business leaders, entrepreneurs and pioneers across industries and from all over the world. You are the select few who will share the unforgettable experience of true human flight.

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Flight Training

We host up to three pilot candidates in one day which speeds up competency as you learn together. It is possible to share this day with a group of friends or colleagues, please enquire for discounted rates. Typically by the end of one day most are able to achieve a basic hover with the tether visibly slack.

Flight Experience

This involves a tour of the Gravity Mobile Lab, a flight demo by one of our Pilots and three powered runs on the tethered Training Rig to give you that mind blowing visceral experience.

“To feel your feet lift off the ground, that ultimate freedom of true flight. This will be a day you remember for the rest of your life.”

Founder & Chief Test Pilot


  • C. O’Callaghan

    I attended the Flight Experience at Goodwood with the Gravity team and it was unlike anything I have ever done before. Nothing can prepare you for that first feeling of being lifted off the ground by the Gravity jet suit. The Gravity team are very kind and accommodating, they take you through everything you need to know and give you pointers between flights to help you improve along the way.

    All in all, it was an event that you simply must experience first-hand to understand just what flying your very own jet suit is like! Thank you to the Gravity team for an unforgettable day.

  • D. Vowles

    The Gravity flight was an amazing experience, as was spending time with Richard, Sam, and Alex, what a great team. Thank you for helping get one step closer to my dream of being ‘Born to Fly’!

  • L. Hepworth

    Thank you, Richard and Gravity Industries Team for the opportunity to pilot your Jet Suit and to share the experience of flying. The experience day was just the start, let’s fly again soon…
  • L. Coates

    Wow! That was the most amazing experience of my whole life! I mean, I’ve done a lot of cool things, but flying a real life Jet Suit tops them all! I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t have the arm strength for it, but that wasn’t the case at all! In fact it really felt like I could fly forever. The feeling of using my own arms to vector thrust and find that balance point to lift my feet off the ground is something I’ll never forget. And I cannot wait to do it again!!!
  • D. Bauer

    US Navy and industry test pilot with 45 years of flying and over 6000 hours of flight time in gliders, sailplanes, airplanes, jets and this Flight Experience was an absolute thrill and nearly two weeks on and I am still grinning over my day with the team and the Jet Suit flying. Val, my wife, related and loved how my face lit up as I would transition to jet-borne flight.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day in Camarillo with Richard and the team. The flight experience was tremendously exhilarating, far exceeding my expectations. It left me dreaming of more Jet Suit flying.

  • D. Kraft

    First off a huge Thank you to Richard, and the entire Gravity team. Was a phenomenal experience all the way round. Such a memorable and special day and everyone was really top notch, and so kind and helpful.

  • S. Hickman

    Skydiving is so 2019!

    When I first saw Richard flying in the jet suit, I immediately said to myself: “I want to try this”. Being a skydiver and a pilot myself, it seemed to be the best of the two worlds reunited.

    The dream finally came true and I was not disappointed. The experience was absolutely amazing. To feel the thrust of the jet engines lifting you in the air is very unique. Richard and his team were very friendly, and I also got to meet with interesting people. Kudos to Gravity industries for the incredible jet suit innovation they put together. Fantastic experience that I hope I will get to do again in the future.

  • M. Hoppe

    It was a great day and I had a lot of fun, thank you for fantastic organization. The thing I enjoyed the most clearly has to be the flying. But I also really enjoyed the discussions with the team. I will definitely be trying to come a second time.

The Jet Suit

  • Power; 1050bhp
  • Turbines; 5
  • RPM; 120,000
  • Fuel; Jet A1 or Diesel
  • Dry weight; 27kg
  • Flight time; 5-10 minutes
  • Current speed record; 136.891 kph


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Gravity Industries Jet Suit.

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