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Gravity LIVE

Experience the visceral 1000bhp roar of a Gravity Jet Suit demonstration live. Witness what was thought to only be possible in Hollywood. Unparalleled human flight and mobility right in front of your eyes leaving you inspired to question what else is possible for human creativity to achieve.

Gravity have flown at over 60 events in 20 countries in the 18 months since launch, including at four TED talks and two Wired events. Viewed by millions, it's an unforgettable experience.

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November 12
RAeS Stevenage Lecture

Stevenage, UK

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November 14
World Record Attempt

Brighton, UK

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November 20-21
Queen Elizabeth Defence Expo and Atlantic Future Forum

Washington DC

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Feb 24 - 2020
Imagine Solutions Conference

Naples, Florida

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